If a staff member has access to the ‘Customer Queue’ they can see all incoming orders for that particular store they are signed into.

To view the Queue:

  1. Select the Staff Member sign in option

  2. Enter your staff member login (Must have permission to view the queue)

  3. Select Customer Queue

  4. You can now view all incoming orders

There are 3 tabs in this section:

  1. Incomplete Orders: These are the incoming orders that have yet to be fulfilled.

  2. Complete Orders: These are the orders that have been completed by a staff member. You can see who completed it and how long the item took to close. This queue clears after 12 hours.

  3. Cancelled Orders: Orders that were not processed or cancelled by a staff member appear here. If you have an order coming through and it is never collected you can cancel it. This queue clears after 12 hours.