Note: You should be signed into the administrator account to adjust store settings.

Adjusting sales tax for a store

  1. Select 'Store Settings' from the menu.

  2. You should see a section saying 'Sales Tax for Stores'

    1. There is a dropdown where you can select a store.

    2. Once you've selected a store you can enter the sales tax for each store.

  3. If you'd like to use the same tax rate for all stores just select the checkbox  'Apply this tax rate to all of my stores'

  4. Then save your changes.

Adding a custom checkout message

When a customer places an order the receive an order number. Along with that number there is a message area where a retailer can give the customer instructions on how to pick up their order.

  1. Select 'Store Settings' from the menu.

  2. Go to the section titled 'Custom Checkout Message'

  3. From the dropdown select the store you would like to add a message to.(You can select different stores and add different messages for each or select the 'Apply this message to all stores' option.

  4. Then save your changes.