One of the benefits of using the Buddi menu is that your customer can see detailed information on the products you offer, including product images, usage info, vendor information, terpene profile, growing methods and more. 

Buddi offers a built-in product catalogue that retailers can access, meaning that retailers no longer have to source product or brand content, it comes directly from the LPs! 

To get these benefits, it’s important that the products you have entered into your point of sales system, or that you have manually entered into Buddi, all have the correct UPC codes associated with them. 

We recommend checking the product packaging to ensure that the UPC code you entered is accurate. 

If you find that your UPC code is accurate, but your product information is missing, or the product isn’t showing on the Buddi menu at all, please email and include as much product detail as you can, including the name, variant and if possible a photo of the product, so we can verify the UPC code on our end as well.

Image 1. Product with Incorrect UPC Code.

Image 2: Product with correct UPC code that pulls info from the LP.