THC/CBD Sync Instructions

For the following categories (flower, pre-roll, vape, and concentrate), we show THC and CBD in both % and mg/g formats in the interface. Since your point of sale allows you to enter either format we need to know which one you’re using for the mentioned categories. 

  • Flower: % or mg/g?

  • Pre-roll: % or mg/g?

  • Vape: % or mg/g?

  • Concentrate: % or mg/g?

Default formats for other categories:

  • Capsules: mg/capsule 

  • Oil: mg/ml

  • Seeds: %

  • Beverage: mg/bottle

  • Edible: mg/piece, mg/pack (not recommended using custom values)

  • Topical: mg/ml, mg/bottle, mg/pack (not recommended using custom values)


  • You cannot have a mix of both formats for one product category. It needs to be consistent, please choose one format and let us know. 

  • You can use different formats for different categories i.e. Flower = % while Vape = mg/g. 

  • Cannot include special characters in their THC/CBD pull i.e. ~ (will show up as NaN - not a number). 

  • If you leave your THC/CBD fields blank we will simply use the default values from Buddi. 

  • You can enter THC/CBD as a range in your POS or as a single value, we accommodate both. 

Compatible Point of Sale Systems:

  • Greenline

  • Cova

  • TechPOS

  • Profitek