You can highlight a product in your menu by adding a Special Message.

For instance, a discounted product can have a special message that says 'On Sale'. It would appear right above the product variant and price (ex. 3.5g ea. | $25.99).

To add a Special Message to a product, follow these steps:
  1. Log into the Admin Portal (
  2. Click on 'My Menu' (under 'Menu Management')
  3. Checkmark 'Only added to Menu'
  4. Type in the product name under the Search field
  5. Hit the purple [Edit] button (on the far right of the product entry row)
  6. Enter any caption under Special Message > hit the purple [Submit] button
  7. You can enter a discounted price in the above field. After this is saved, the original price and would be strikedthrough and the new price will appear in red in your Buddi menu.

Note: when you add a discount to menu items in Buddi, it will not make a discount in your POS upon integration.  It works the other way around; you should enter discounted prices into your POS first. Buddi will update the prices accordingly.

Adding a Special Message and discounted price in Buddi just adds an extra layer of info for the user. It may be worth putting in the extra work to highlight markdowns (with the strikedthrough and red price effect).