How Integrations Work

Remember how Buddi integrates with your POS.  The UPC code is the key to having products show up on both systems. Menu items will sync with Buddi as long as it has a price, is in stock, and has an accurate UPC code entered into your POS.

If products entered into your POS are not appearing on the Buddi menu, please check the following:

Has your integration been enabled by Buddi yet?

We typically enable it on our end once you have finished entering your initial inventory shipment.  Just let us know.

Are the UPC codes entered correctly into your POS?

Generally, Buddi is looking for 12 digit UPC codes in your POS. UPC codes can be easily mistaken with other SKU's. Note: Greenline calls the UPC code a 'Barcode'

Is there inventory for the product?

Make sure all counts have been entered into your POS.

You'll notice that the Buddi menu comes preloaded with information (such as the description) for all your cannabis products; we manage that content for you. This information will automatically populate your Buddi menu with the POS integration. You do not have to do any manual exports/imports if you are with an integrated partner of Buddi.

Greenline Users: Have you toggled on the integration with Buddi in your Greenline Dashboard yet?

  1. Go to your Greenline Dashboard
  2. Select Integrations > Overview
  3. Toggle on the two blocks called Buddi - Store and Buddi - Online

This step is required to fully activate the Greenline & Buddi integration; doing so also sends us an automated email with your integration details (we need this)!

Accessory Products

Accessories require more information to be inputted into your POS.  You may need to make up UPC codes for your products if they don't already exist (and ensure that isn't exactly the same as the SKU).  Be sure to also include these other details: price, product description, variants (if it comes in different sizes, colors, quantity/pack, etc.), photos, and inventory count. 

After you have finished entering the products with its corresponding details, email Buddi so that we can do a mass-import of all your accessories from the back-end. Accessories will automatically sync into Buddi moving forward. This applies to accounts using Greenline or Cova; accounts using other POS providers will have to export a .csv (Excel) file of their accessories or enter them manually in Buddi. These products will sync into Buddi as long as it has a price, is in stock, and has a matching UPC code entered into your POS.