No worries!  Your Buddi menu is filled with 'test products' so that you can visualize what it will look like upon full integration with your POS system.  Ordering is disabled during this page; users would not be able to get past the checkout screen.


Buddi will enable the integration after your initial inventory has been entered into the POS.  Let us know when you are finished so that we can turn on the integration, thereby syncing live inventory into your menu.


If your integration is on and you are still seeing menu items that don't belong:

  • Keep in mind that not all of the products shown in 'My Menu' of the Buddi Admin Portal (with 'Only added to Menu' checked) are actually syncing into your menu.  These items are there because of automatic imports from your provincial supplier into your POS, during the initial inventory upload process.  These items will not show in your Buddi menu because you don't have a price and inventory count associated with it.

    'Inventory Levels' of the Buddi Admin Portal gives you an overview of products that are actually syncing into Buddi and appearing on your menu.

  • Double-check the actual Buddi menu page on your website.
  • Double-check the entries in your POS dashboard.


If you have reviewed the above steps and still see menu items that don't belong on your Buddi menu, please let Buddi Support know right away.  Include specific details of the item, such as Product Name, LP, and UPC code.  Confirm if you have entered a price and inventory count for that item.