With Buddi, you can launch your own banner campaigns with Featured Products, such as items that are on sale, new arrivals, or staff favourites.


How to set up Featured Products
Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1

Log into the Admin Portal > navigate to Featured Products in the left sidebar


Step 2
Select the products that are going to be part of the campaign.

  • Click on 'Select Products'
  • Quickly filter the menu items by check-marking 'Only Added to Menu'
    Filter down even further by selecting the categories that the products belong in.
  • Click on 'Add Selected'


Step 3
Upload the banner image.

  • Click on 'Upload Feature Banner' > Select the image
  • Note: There are different sizes of banners needed for Desktop and Mobile, shown below each slot. 


Step 4

Toggle on 'Go Live!' > then hit 'Save'


Step 5

  • Go to your website.
  • Hit refresh. You should now see the banner appear at the top of the online menu. Click to see Featured Products.



  • You can have separate campaigns for your in-store kiosk and online menu, or just use the same campaign, which is what we will be doing here.
  • Keep in mind that you have to upload a feature banner into each of all three purple slots, or else your banner may not display. 

Video Tutorial: Setting up Featured Products