With Buddi, you can launch your own banner campaigns with Featured Products, such as items that are on sale, new arrivals, or staff favourites.



Step 1

Log into the Buddi Admin Portal.  Navigate to Featured Products in the left sidebar.


Step 2
 Select the products that are going to be part of the campaign.

  • Click on Select Products
  • Quickly filter the menu items by checkmarking Only Added to Menu
    Filter down even further by selecting the categories that the products belong in
  • Click on Add Selected


Step 2
Upload the banner image.

  • Click on Upload Feature Banner > Select the image
    There are different sizes of banners needed for Desktop and Mobile, shown below each slot. 


Step 3

Toggle on Go Live! > then hit Save


Step 4

Go to your website. Hit refresh.  You should now see the banner appear at the top of the online menu.  Clicking it brings us to those featured products.



  • You can have separate campaigns for your in-store kiosk and online menu, or just use the same campaign, which is what we will be doing here.
  • Keep in mind that you have to upload a feature banner into each of all three purple slots, or else your banner may not display.
  • There is a video tutorial for Featured Products that walks through the steps above: https://youtu.be/eyaY8UAgp_w