How can I turn on my Hard Age Gate in Buddi?

  • Please email our team at support@buddi.io. This can only be enabled by us in the back-end. We can turn it on temporarily for you and turn it back off at your request. You can coordinate a date and time with our team, as AGLC needs it to see the Hard Age Gate in action on your website to approve your endorsement application.
  • Please email support@buddi.io to set up online sales and delivery. We will be requesting further details from you to prepare for the launch.
  • Note: with the Hard Age Gate enabled, users won't be able to see your website until they have been age-verified.

Can we start verifying in-store customers now while we wait for AGLC endorsement?

  • Yes.


What does the workflow look like in using the Hard Age Gate?

  • Buddi sees age verification happening in 2 ways, and we have received approval from AGLC for the two proposals below:
    1. The customer is verified in-store by showing ID and having their account verified.
    2. The customer is verified online via a video chat showing their face and ID to a store staff member. The staff member then verifies their account once the customer has presented sufficient evidence of their age.

  • This flow chart outlines the two age-verification processes step-by-step.

  • This video shows the Hard Age Gate in action, from the customer's point of view on a retailer's website and a staff member's point of view from the Buddi Admin Portal (on how to age-verify customers).

How do I change the instructions on the landing page of the Hard Age Gate (on the left side)?

  • This can be customized in the Admin Portal > Store Settings > Online Menu: Sign in/up Content

  • Suggested topics to include:
    • Notification of new AGLC policy
    • Age verification workflow
    • Specific instructions for your customers
    • Calendar link for booking video calls
    • Store contact information

  • This article contains verbiage templates that you can use.


How do I set up online payments for my Buddi menu?


Could we mass verify all the people who've already ordered from our store? As we know they are over 18?

  • No. Customers with existing Buddi profiles will still need to get verified, even if they have purchased from the store in the past and had their ID verified physically in store. Customers who have created a profile will show up on the 'Age Verification' page in the Admin Portal. If they have opted in to your mailing list, technically you can reach out to those individuals to let them know about the new Hard Age Gate and how to get verified for online sales/delivery.


Can a customer create an account (and get their ID verified by an employee) through Buddi's in-store tablet app?

  • Yes, customers can click 'Sign Up' in the main tablet app interface to proceed. He/she will be prompted to enter an email address and password.
    • Note: when signing up online via the Hard Age Gate, customers are prompted to enter more details, including First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Birthday.

  • A staff member can retrieve the customer profile via the Admin Portal > Age Verification (by typing in the customer's email address in the search field).

  • Using the customer's valid ID card as a reference, the staff member will enter the remaining details into his/her newly created profile (after clicking on 'Modify' in the Actions column).

  • After the staff member clicks on 'Submit Age Verification', the customer will be able to sign in and bypass the Hard Age Gate online.


What are the website requirements for AGLC endorsement?

The following must be added to your website and reviewed by AGLC:


You can check out this document for more information regarding endorsement (retrieved from AGLC's Retail Cannabis Store Handbook). For further details on this topic, please contact AGLC Inspections Branch (inspections.mailbox@aglc.ca).