Buddi has a *free* 2-path menu solution for Alberta retailers. You can make your online menu AGLC-compliant instantly by enabling a setting in the back-end of Buddi.

  • To activate this feature, simply checkmark 'Age-Restricted Content' function in the Admin Portal > Store Settings > Online Menu: Configuration page.

  • Our 'Age-Restricted Content' menu (aka 'Bare Menu') only shows Product Name, LP/Brand, variant, and price. Customers don't need to be age-verified to view your inventory list.

  • Our typical menu (aka 'Full Menu') contains all product info, including photos, product descriptions, THC & CBD content, etc. It needs to be protected by our Hard Age Gate.

The website would have two menu buttons on the homepage.

For example:
1) 'View Menu' button: has the 'Age-Restricted Content' function enabled
2) 'Shop Now' button: has the 'Hard Age Gate' function enabled
Both menus are AGLC-compliant as is. Click & collect and filtering functionality is already built-in and the menus can be stylized using our easy Custom Branding tool.



Email support@buddi.io if you're interested in adding this feature to your website or if you have any further questions or concerns.