Adding Images in Greenline to sync into Buddi

This step-by-step tutorial walks through the process of adding an image to an accessory product in Greenline (Option #1).


  • Photos added in Greenline will automatically sync into Buddi in the next sync cycle and show on your menu. Use the 'Force Sync' feature in the Admin Portal > 'My Menu' page to speed up the sync and see your updates quicker.
  • This method applies to accessory products only. Cannabis products already have images pre-populated in Buddi by default.
    • To override those images, refer to the steps below in Option #2.


Adding Images in Buddi


Option #2 is to upload images for your accessory products in Buddi:
  1. Sign into the Admin Portal > go to 'My Menu'
  2. Search for your Product > click on the Product
  3. Click to select image(s) for upload
This method allows you to upload up to 3 images (whereas Greenline allows only 1 image upload per variant).