Some municipalities have introduced a bag fee. These municipalities sometimes require that stores ensure this fee is added onto their online menus. 

In Buddi on the Tax Settings page there is a line item for 'Shopping Bag Fee'. Tax Settings can be accessed by going to Settings >> Tax Settings in the Buddi Admin.   


  • This is configurable on a store-by-store basis. 
  • You can customize what you'd like to charge. 
  • You can select the order types this will appear for. 
  • You can customize the text the appears for these fees. 
    • The default text for Pickup and Kiosk orders is: City regulations require us to charge for bags. 
    • The default text for delivery orders is: A bag is required for delivery orders.

Collections Fees and your POS: 

  • In Cova you will have to create a bag fee product and we will have to send over the product id for the bag fee. This means you will need to enter the 'Cova Product ID' into the bag fee section. 
  • In Greenline we will have to send over a "fee". "Name:" Will be the label entered into Buddi (i.e. Bag Fee). Amount will be in price field. The taxes should be optional. 
  • In our API we have this fee as a data point available.

What do customers see?

  • For pickup and kiosk orders, the dropdown default option is 0 bags. A customer can select how many bags they would like to add to their order.

  • For delivery orders the number of bags is defaulted to 1 and disabled. Delivery orders are required to be bagged so we have to ensure they are charged for the bag. 

Taxes on Fees:

The 'Shopping Bag Fee' appears as a selectable option underneath the 'Included Categories' section in tax settings. This will allow the user to apply taxes such as GST and PST to the bag fee. 

  • For example, if the retailer is in BC they will want to apply GST and PST to the bag fee.