If you see this screen (or one with your branding) you are logged in successfully to the retail application (if you don't see this screen continue reading):

If you're seeing a 404 ERROR


  1. Bookmark https://retail.buddi.io in your internet browser
  2. Remove the bookmark for https://retail.buddi.io/index.html

The latter is incorrect and changing the start URL in your internet browser will fix the issue.

If you're seeing a WHITE SCREEN
(and possibly a red error message that reads 'The given data is invalid')




Step #1: Check your Wifi connection

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • You can try going to other websites to test.

Step #2: Clear your browser cache (make sure it's the same browser you used to download the application).

  • Clearing browser cache for Safari on iOS (iPads): 
    • Go to Settings
    • Select Safari
    • Select 'Clear History and Website Data' and select 'Clear'

  • Clearing browser cache for Chrome on Android
    • Open the Chrome web browser
    • In the top right select the menu (3 dots)
    • Select 'Settings'
    • Select 'Privacy and security'
    • Select 'Clear browsing data'
    • Make sure all 3 options are selected and select 'Clear data'

Step #3: Remove the application from your tablet

  • For iOS users hold down on the Buddi icon until the 'x' appears in the corner, then remove it.
  • For Android users hold down on the icon and select the 'Uninstall from device' option.  

Step #4: Reinstall the application onto your device following the instructions in one of these videos: 

Step #5: Re-pin the app

Step #6: Check for any software updates on your device (in the Settings area)

Step #7: Try using another internet browser (you may need to download a new one in the App Store / Play Store; we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox)

Step #8: Reboot your device


Article: How to log in to the Tablet App (step-by-step instructions)