To utilize Buddi at your store, you will need to get tablets and kiosks stands. You must set them up somewhere in the store that has power outlets so the system can stay on during the day without needing to be recharged.

Tablet Devices:

Buddi runs on most tablets that are at least 9-inches.

Kiosk Stands:



Note: there are many tablet kiosk options available online, including on Amazon, so you're not limited to just these options.

How many kiosks should you set up?

For smaller stores, we typically recommend 2 stations, 3 - 4 for medium stores, and 5+ for larger stores or stores that want to highly leverage the ordering functionality. If your staff will be using the system on floating iPads to serve customers on the floor, then we suggest an additional tablet for each staff member you expect to be on the floor with iPads.

Where to place the kiosks to maximize benefit:

From a kiosk location standpoint, we suggest setting the kiosks up in an area of the store where the customer product selection will take place, such as a sniff-jar station, near your display cabinets, or near the front of the store.