Our 'Special Messages' feature allows retailers to tag product tiles with a custom message. This can be useful when the need arises to highlight a product or communicate something about that product to the customer.


Special Messages appear directly above the product variant and price.

Ex. A product high in terpenes can have a Special Message that indicates its terpene content:

How to set Special Messages

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal
  2. Go to Promotions > Special Messages
  3. Hit 'New Special Message'
  4. Complete the details in the following screen:

A. Locations:

  • Checkmark 'Apply to All Locations';
  • OR select your store using the 'Select Stores' dropdown.
    This option allows multi-store locations to apply Special Messages at the store-level.

B. Applies To:

  1. All Products: Select this option if you want the Special Message to appear in all product listings.
  2. Specific Collections: Select this option if you have a Collection built and want to apply Special Messages to that group of products. Use the 'Select One' dropdown that appears to select your Collection(s).

    Tip: We recommend building a Collection before creating any other type of Promotion in Buddi (shown in the blue boxes below):

    This allows you to stay organized and easily select a Collection when creating other Promotions.

  3. Specific Products: You can choose to select specific products here without needing to build a Collection first.
    1. Hit 'Select Products'

    2. Similar to how Collections are built in Buddi, you can
      'Select Using Logic' by setting your parameters; or
      'Individually Select' specific products by typing in the name or using the filters to refine your results. Checkmark your desired products to continue.
    3. Hit 'Save'


C. Message Application:

  1. Apply the same message to all products: This option will apply the same message to the selected products.
    For example, you can enter "Staff Pick" as a Special Message to tag all products recommended by staff.

  2. Apply different messages to each product: Further to the 'Staff Picks' example indicated above, you might want to be more specific and say which staff member picked the product. For example, 'John's Pick', 'Mo's Pick', 'Eli's Pick', and 'Justine's Pick' ... then apply each message to the respective products individually.

D. Message: Enter your message(s) here.


E. Start Date: Enter the date that you want the Special Message to start appearing on the menu (today's date or later).


F. End Date: If you would like the Special Message to stop on a specific date, checkmark 'Set End Date' and enter the date.
Note:  When entering an end date, keep in mind that the Special Message will disappear at midnight of the selected date.


G. Use Time Frame: This option allows you to be even more specific on the start and end times of the Special Message. Checkmark 'Use Time Frame' to enter the Start & End Time(s). You can toggle the applicable days on / off as needed.

Hit 'Savewhen you are done. That's it!