Our special messages functionality allows retailers to tag product tiles with a customized message. This can be useful when the need arises to highlight a product or communicating something about that product to the customer. 

Here's a video tutorial on setting up Special Messages:


Message Applications:

  1. Apply the same message to all products: This option will show the same message on each of the individual products, for example, if you are applying this to all of your staff picks you might want to tag them with the special message of 'Staff Pick'. 
  2. Apply different messages to each product: Using the same staff picks example as the above scenario you might want to be more specific and say which staff member picked the product i.e. John's Pick, Mo's Pick, Eli's pick, and Justine's Pick and then apply these individually to each of the products included. 

You have three options for selecting products:

  1. All products
  2. Specific collections (see collections documentation
  3. Specific products (you can select products using logic or individually).

Start and End Dates:

You can choose when you'd like your special messages to appear and when you'd like them to end. When entering an end date please keep in mind that the special message will disappear at midnight of the selected day.