Setting up Discount Codes in Buddi is very simple and is a great way to build customer loyalty.

How to set up Discount Codes

  1. Log into the Admin Portal
  2. Go to Promotions
  3. Click on 'Discount Codes' > Click on 'New Discount Code'
  4. Fill out all the fields
  5. Hit 'Save'

Video: Setting up Discount Codes in Buddi, including Single-use and Multi-use Discount Codes setup.

The example below demonstrates the following:

  • A new Discount Code is created and shared with 50 VIP customers.
  • These individuals will apply their 'Unique Single Use Code' upon checkout to get a 10% discount on all products in the store.

Example of a Unique Single Use Code, taken from the CSV file generated after hitting 'Save': viponly109LWY

Based on the screenshot below, the promotion starts on Sept 14, 2022 and does not have an end date entered. Please enter an end date; it is required to complete the setup (and generate a csv file).