Getting Started


Step 1 Configure Delivery in Cova

Follow the steps in this article to Create a Non-Stock Product in Cova.

  • The price for the SKU should be set to the highest amount associated with your delivery fee.
  • If you are unable to create the product, you can reach out to Cova at 1 844 667 2682 (ext.1); they can walk you through the steps.

NOTE: The delivery fee needs to be created as a Non-Stock SKU in Cova to send orders (POS x Buddi).



Step 2 Configure Delivery in Buddi

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal > go to Store Settings > Online Menu: Delivery
  2. Select 'Standard Delivery' if you are arranging delivery services independently, or with our integrated delivery partner Onfleet.
  3. Enter a Custom Delivery Message: this message will appear after the customer selects Delivery. It can communicate Delivery Windows or fulfillment times (e.g. when the order will arrive or be shipped out). You can also include the store's contact info here.
  4. Delivery Boundary: enter 'Cities' that you will deliver to or choose 'Area based on map' if you want to use the Delivery Area / Radius method.
  5. Enable Delivery Fee: this is where you would enter the cost for delivery
  6. Waive Delivery Fee: you can set it so that delivery is free if their total sale reaches a certain amount. For example, $100 means that delivery is free if the customer purchases over $100 in products
  7. Minimum Order Amount: this is a minimum amount that a customer needs to purchase to be able to choose delivery as their fulfillment method

    Video: How to retrieve the Cova Product ID from your COVA Catalog (optional; we can help you with this).



Step 3 Notify Buddi

Let us know once you have finished the steps above so that we can verify your Delivery settings.



Step 4 Print Delivery Receipts

Receipts need to be printed for the customer and Delivery Driver.


NOTE: Customer details such as name, address, last 4 digits of CC, contact info, and delivery notes, will NOT be on your printed POS receipt.


Choose from one of the following options:

  1. Print an orders list from the Buddi Order Queue
  2. Print downloadable PDF receipts from the Buddi Order Queue (with a regular printer)
  3. Write down the customer's details onto the printed POS receipt


Cova Users

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