Store Hours can be updated here (Admin Portal > Store Settings > Store Hours)

In addition to setting up your regular store hours, you can now set up custom store hours and dates ahead of time. These custom store hours and dates can be set up separately from your regular store hours.

Video Tutorial: How to Set up Custom Hours and Dates for your Store 

Some Benefits to Using This Feature


  • Can be set up for one single location, set it up location by location if you only want a few of your stores to have these set hours on certain dates
  • Or have it apply to all locations
  • Use it for one specific day or set up a range of dates (i.e. Holiday Hours from Dec 20th - Jan 1st)

Blackout Dates


Use this function to set one specific day that your store is closed.

  1. Type in the date; or
  2. Double-click on the calendar icon. This brings up the calendar.
  3. Double-click on your desired date.
  4. Click 'Add'
  5. Hit 'Save


Custom Hours and Dates


Use this function to set a date range.

  1. Hit 'Add'. This dialog box will pop up:
  2. Enter a Title. For example: 'Winter Season'
  3. Click on the blank drop down directly below. This will bring up the calendar for you to Select Date Range
  4. Double-click 'Open for All' to set the opening time.
    Double-click 'Close for All' to set the closing time.
  5. Hit 'Save'

TIP: Times can auto-populate

If all your hours are the same for all the days in your date range, you can enter them in just once and the dates and times will auto-populate for all the days.


NOTE: How the Store Hours are displayed in your online menu

  • Once set, the hours shown on your menu will automatically update! There is no need to adjust your regular store hour menu to revert back to regular store hours.
  • The Custom Store Hours will have the specific date (i.e. Fri Sept 2nd, 2022) associated with them listed on the menu. If the day does not have a specific date attached to it, then that day has regular store hours. 
  • Your online menu will show the days and hours for the span of a week, so all custom dates and hours may not show right away, but it will adjust accordingly on its own.