These are text or email notifications that customers receive when they place an order through your Online Menu. The messages are automated and can be customized to say whatever you want.

You can add store contact info or copy and paste variables for further automation:
Ex. #orderNumber, #pickupDateTime,  #customerName,  #pickupDayStoreHours, etc.

6 different messages:

1) Order Confirmation Message: sends when the user initially places their order.

2) Order Ready for Pickup:  sends when the staff member has the order ready for pickup in the backend fulfillment area and clicks the ready button in the ORDER QUEUE.

3) Out for Delivery:  sends when an order is marked as 'Out for delivery' by a staff member. You can enter details such as cut-off times and when the customer should expect to receive their order. 

4) Order Cancelled:  sends when a staff member needs to cancel an order for any reason.  The customer will receive the message after the cancel button is clicked in the ORDER QUEUE.

5) Refund: sends when a staff makes refund for an order (the store must have payment enabled).

6) Direct Mail Message: sends when a customer chooses to have their item shipped to them via a common carrier (mail service).