NOTE: Customer details such as name, address, last 4 digits of CC, contact info, and delivery notes, will NOT be on your printed POS receipt.


How to Export + Print a Delivery Orders List (for your driver)


  1. Use the 'Order Types' dropdown to filter to 'Delivery' orders only
  2. Use any other applicable dropdowns and/or select today's date (click on the far-right calendar icon)
  3. For example:
    - 'Order Status' dropdown > select  'Ready for Delivery'
    'Payment Status' dropdown > select 'Paid'

    Your filters may look like this as a result (disregard the selected date):

  4. Export the list by clicking on the icon with an arrow.
  5. Adjust the column widths in your Excel file as needed. Delete any unnecessary columns.

  6. Print the list on a regular printer.