Full or Partial Refunds of PAID online orders is a 2-step process.

  1. Refund the order in the Order Queue or Payment Processor dashboard to put the funds back to the customer's payment card.
  2. Refund the order in your POS to re-stock the inventory 



  • Select 'Cancel' in the Order Queue listing to send a notification message to the customer saying that the order was cancelled. 
  • Buddi does not handle payment processing for cannabis retailers. We integrate with Payment Processor providers to run our e-commerce platform. All transactions go through them. 

To inquire about specific transaction details: 



Buddi had a product release in April and June 2023 regarding Refunds.
  • Moving forward, refunds cannot be processed in default General Staff accounts.
  • The 'Refund Payment' button is no longer displayed.

The 'Refund Payment' button will appear in the Order Queue if...
  1. an admin user signs into the Admin Account to complete the process; or

  2. an admin user applies the 'Refunds' permission setting into a staff account. This can be added to a newly created staff account or to the existing General Staff account.

    NOTE: if you have added the 'Refunds' permission setting but still do not see the 'Refund Payment' button will appear in the Order Queue, then sign out and sign back in.