Getting Started

Incoming orders in the Buddi Queue trigger a sound notification by default. Sound cannot be turned off in Buddi, but you can choose to mute the sound in your web browser settings.

Sound Notifications

Pending or unread orders play a sound every 5 minutes.


To turn this feature ON/OFF, go to the Admin Portal > Order Queue > 'Notification Settings' (bell icon)



Troubleshooting Tips

Sound not working?

  • Ensure audio settings are configured properly with the volume turned up
  • Close the web browser/app completely. Re-open it
  • Try using a different web browser
  • Check for software updates in the POS/hardware device AND web browser
  • Restart the device to refresh system processes
  • Check if the device can produce sound with other applications or functions


Customer Notifications

A message is sent to the customer (via SMS text/email) when the Order Status gets updated in the queue listing.


These order statuses trigger customer notifications:

1) Order Confirmation

2) Order Ready for Pickup

3) Out for Delivery

4) Order Cancelled

5) Refund

6) Direct Mail Message

For full details, including how to customize, see this article:
 Online Menu: Messages