Getting Started

Buddi integrates with Merrco's new PayHQ Gateway to handle online payments. It is very secure and efficient.

  • You have the ability to bcc receipt emails; a notification is sent out for every successful or failed transaction.
  • Besides tracking e-commerce payment activity (online Buddi sales), you'll have access to all other transactions info: paid, unpaid, mobile, web, recurring, invoicing, overdue payments, total sales and declined payment data. It has a robust reporting system.

 API Connection vs. Merrco Checkout


Merrco (PayHQ) Setup

Once your menu is loading live inventory, please email to initiate the setup.
You can copy + paste the following message to Merrco:

Hi Merrco Team,
I want to accept online payments for my Buddi menu: {insert link}
Please help me set up an online merchant account and configure it as a PayHQ integration.

Buddi will need the following API credentials:
  • iFrame Access Token
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

You can send the details to once ready.