Getting Started

Global Payments Setup

  1. Within your Buddi Onboarding ticket, email to let us know that you are with Global Payments.
  2. Buddi will send an email to Global Payments to request your payment API credentials to be sent to Buddi. You will be cc'ed in that email. Please 'reply all' in the email with your consent; Global Payments will send us the integration details needed for the integration directly.
  3. For Global Payments to approve your online merchant account, you need to meet their requirements:
    • The website is secure, and has a shopping cart page
    • Refund/Return/Shipping policy are clearly displayed on merchant’s website
    • Products/Services are clearly displayed on merchant’s website
    • Currency of transaction should be stated on the checkout page – Canadian
    • Merchant’s contact information and business address included: Business address, City, Country and phone number
    • Merchant’s location. Visa requires that the merchant location must be disclosed either:
      a. On the same screen view as the checkout screen that presents the final transaction amount; or
      b. Within the sequence of webpages the cardholder accesses during the checkout process
    • All the above must match Global Payments' records
  4. Buddi will email you to confirm that your details have been received and entered into Buddi. You will receive another email confirmation when payments are officially activated in your online menu.