Greenline and Cova users have auto-syncing of accessories into Buddi.


All other POS providers have to either:

  1. import an accessories CSV file into Buddi; or
  2. manually add them by following the steps below.

How to Manually Add a New Custom/Accessory Product

  • Select ‘Custom Products’ from the navigation. 

  • Click the ‘New Product’ button in the top right. 


Accepted Product Information


  1. Product Name: This is simply the name of the product that users will see. 

  2. Description: Be sure to include a good description of your product so customers understand exactly what they are receiving. 

  3. Images: You can upload up to 3 images for a product. The first image uploaded will be the first image a customer sees. 

  4. 'Add this product to my menu' checkbox: If this is not selected, your product will not be displayed on your menu. Select the option to have your product displayed.

  5. Product Variant Option Types

    1. Null: This option is commonly used for product types such as bongs, 1 variant type products. If you’re adding this type of product just enter 1 followed by null and click ‘Add’. 

    2. Quantity: If you’re selling a product that often comes in different quantity variants you’ll want to use this option. For example, if you’re adding rolling papers and they come in a 50 pack and 100 pack but everything else is the same you’ll want to have two different variants for that one product. 

    3. Size: This is most commonly used for accessories such as t-shirts. For a t-shirt accessory you may have different size variants such as small, medium large. Yo would enter each of those as a different variant. 

  6. A Product Variant

    1. UPC: You can enter UPC or simply put the SKU number in this spot. 

    2. Price $: enter the numeric value without tax that you will be charging for this product.  

  7. Tags: This is optional. Enter keywords in this section that you think customers may use to find these products, this will help with searchability. 

  8. Submit: When you’re ready to add your product to the menu, simply click on the Submit button.