The Buddi application has 3 main user types for our retail clients.

General Staff Member

Staff members can have various permissions allowing them to do different tasks inside of the Buddi application.

Here's a list of the available permission levels for General Staff members:

  • Manager: User can add and remove staff members from the organization.

  • Menu Access: User can add custom products, add items to the menu and adjust the pricing of menu items.

  • Customer Queue: User can see incoming orders from the floor and complete the order or cancel it.

  • Customer Listing: ability to see customer profiles, review their purchase history and settings.


Every account has one main administrator account. This account type has all of the same permissions as above plus they can add new stores, adjust branding and edit store settings such as sales tax and checkout messages.

Retail Store

To be clear, this account type is not a user. It's used to login to your retail store on the tablet application.