Refer to the   LOGIN CREDENTIALS   found in your Buddi Onboarding ticket.

Three logins have been created for your store:

  1. Master Admin Account
  2. Admin Account
  3. General Staff Account


Master Admin Accounts are for the Store Owner. These accounts have full permission settings and can change all passwords. It is at the chain-level; multi-store chains have access to all store accounts.


Admin Accounts are for Store Managers / Team Leads. These accounts have full permission settings: the user can process refunds, manage inventory (including product content customizations), adjust Store Settings, apply Custom Branding to the Buddi menu, set up Promotions, and more! It is at the store-level; multi-store chains have separate Admin Account logins for each store.


General Staff Accounts are for all staff members. It is also at the store-level.

How this account is used:

  1. To manage incoming Buddi orders in the Admin Portal Order Queue

  2. To access the Knowledge Base (aka 'Buddi Support Portal'), which has articles to help troubleshoot and/or submit a new support ticket to our team for help.

  3. To access the 'Staff' area in Buddi's Tablet App.



  • Refunds cannot be processed in default General Staff accounts.
    • Admins may want to consider adding the 'Refunds' permission to the profile in the Admin Portal > Staff Management page. New staff accounts can be created here too.
  • 'Forgot Your Password' feature on the sign-in screen will only work if the 'username' is a functioning email address. This is typically associated with the Master Admin Account.

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