Option #1: Set up Discounts in your POS catalog

  • Greenline and TechPOS users:
    • Discounts entered into will automatically sync into Buddi.

  • COVA users:
    • The 'Promotions Fetching' feature needs to be enabled in the back-end of Buddi.
    • To sync discounts from Cova automatically, please email support@buddi.io to enable the 'Promotions Fetching' feature.

  • Other POS users:
    • Discounts have to be entered twice: in your POS catalog and in Buddi.

Please note that changes made in your POS provider's catalog takes time to sync into Buddi.

  • This includes price updates and new inventory uploads.
  • 'Last Content Sync' indicates the # of minutes since the last sync.
  • Click on 'Sync New Products' to speed up the process.
  • To see immediate changes, feel free to email support@buddi.io so that we can force the sync on our end too.

Option #2: Set up Discounts in Buddi

  • With this this option, discounts will only be reflected in your online and in-store menu(s).
  • This means that discounts haven't been applied to those products in your POS catalog.