What Is AlpineIQ?

The AlpineIQ Club Membership program with Buddi is a membership program that customers can sign up for via the Buddi checkout page and earn points for their purchases.

Customers can use these points to apply Discounts from their wallet on future purchases. It can take up to 24 hrs for the points to applied to their wallet.

Research shows that customer loyalty programs offer clear benefits for cannabis retailers, including loyalty customers spend slightly more than other shoppers. Source: mjbizdaily.com

Video: How AlpineIQ Works for your Customers 

How Set up AlpineIQ

If you do not have an AlpineIQ account and would like to get set up, please reach out to kayla@alpineiq.com (Director of Sales).

If you are already set up with AlpineIQ and would like to have it implemented with your Buddi online menu, check out this video here or you can reach out to support for assistance.