See this article for instructions on How to set up Discounts

What happens if a product has multiple active discounts?

The most recently created discount gets priority. I.e. if you apply a discount to all Vape products on March 1st for 20% off then apply a discount to all Vape products on March 10th for 10% off. The 10% discount version will take precedence.

Locations and Discounts:

You can apply discounts to a single location or multiple locations.

Current Discount Types:

  • % off - this applies a % off of the product you've selected. 
  • $ off - this applies a dollar-off amount to the products you've selected.

Note: we'd like your input on other discount functionality you'd like to see. Do you want BOGO? Any other types? Let us know. 

You have three options for selecting products:

  1. All products
  2. Specific collections (see collections documentation
  3. Specific products (you can select products using logic or individually).

Start and End Dates:

You can choose when you'd like your discount to take effect and when you'd like it to end. When entering an end date please keep in mind that the discount will end at midnight of the selected day. 


It's important to remember that although we do our best to ensure our integrations are seamless there can be issues when sending discounted products to some point of sale partners. For example, if you create a discount in Buddi and the price is not reflected in Cova, they will not accept the order from Buddi as they will see it as an error. 

Article: How to set up Discounts

Video: How to create Discount Codes in Buddi