Our Featured Products functionality allows retailers to showcase a number of products by having the main banner image displayed on their online menu. The main banner will appear before anything else on the store's menu.


You can decide where your Featured Products banner appears. I.e. you can have it on both your online menu and kiosk or only one.

  1. Online: If you'd like the featured banner to appear on your online menu then you can select this option. 

  2. In-Store Kiosk: If you'd like the featured banner to appear on your in-store kiosk then select this option. 

You have three options for selecting products:

  1. All Products
  2. Specific Collections (see Collections documentation
  3. Specific Products (select products using logic / individually / bulk import with a CSV file)

Start and End Dates:

You can choose when you'd like your featured banner to appear and when you'd like it to end. When entering an end date please keep in mind that the banner will disappear at midnight of the selected day. 

Did you know?

You can schedule featured promotion banners. Scheduling featured promotion banners lets you plan out your online menu marketing activities further in advance.