By utilizing either the logic functionality to map out your Collection or by picking the products one at a time, Buddi's Collections feature enables you to group various products together and create curated menu experiences for your customers. Once a Collection has been made, you may utilize it for a variety of additional marketing and sales strategies, like discounts and featured product banners, for example. It is a very useful tool that can be used to direct clients to a certain section of your menu, and collections also set you apart from your competitors within the crowded cannabis marketplace.

Video: How to create Collections in Buddi

Name of Your Collection and Website URL

The name you choose for your Collection will also determine the URL slug shown to customers. For example, let's say you create a Collection called 'Staff Picks' you can link directly to this grouping of products by sharing the URL slug shown below the name field. The URL to a Collection called staff picks would be something like this: - Highlighted in yellow is your website URL (i.e. you have a page called 'Our Products' or similar, highlighted in purple is Buddi's URL structure for that collection. 

Why would I need a URL to the collection if I'm just using a tile picture?

You can use this to link from various areas of your website. Let's set on your home page you want to link directly to that 'Staff Picks' Collection via a banner image, well you can link that banner image directly to the staff picks URL above. 

Note on iFrame

Unfortunately, if you are using a website provider such as Wix, or have embedded the menu via an iFrame the menu will not be able to read the web browser's URL input. This means that linking directly to Collections will not work. However, you can still use the tile images. 

Selecting Products

We've included the handy ability to build a collection using logic. This really makes things easier if you'd like to select products based on characteristics rather than individually selecting products. You can create some really interesting Collections using logic such as 'All flower products, by Aurora, with a price less than $12 and THC % is higher than 15%.  

Of course, you can still also select products individually by search via UPC, name, product and more. 


***NEW*** Build Collections using Bulk Import (CSV file)

Sample tile images: