Buddi can sync exact THC & CBD values from your Cova Hub. The feature would need to be activated on our end before it will start working.


Getting Started

  1. Choose which primary measurements you want to use for these categories:
    Flower, Pre-roll, Vape, and Concentrate
  2. Enter the exact values in Cova (found under Variations > Specifications > Additional Details)
  3. Choose between one of the following sets to enter your values in Cova:
    a. THC Min + CBD Min; or
    b. THC Max + CBD Max

    For instance, if you're using set b, then enter the exact THC % in 'THC Max', and CBD % in 'CBD Max'
  4. Ensure all units are consistent within all your categories
  5. Notify Buddi to turn on the Exact THC/CBD function. Confirm your choices in #1 and #3.




  • Edits made in Cova will automatically sync into Buddi and show on both systems with consistent numbers. Product content edits take time to sync into Buddi. It will show in Buddi once the new sync cycle kicks in. Use the 'Sync New Products' feature in 'My Menu' to speed up the process.
  • We can only enable the exact THC & CBD function once all listings have been updated with exact values in Cova, otherwise all Max values would show on your menu looking like exact values.
  • Values left blank will cause the system to display Buddi default range values.