1. Go to retail.buddi.io or click on the app icon from your home screen.

    Note: Downloading the app onto your tablet device is simple. Refer to Step #2 in this article for instructions.

  2. Refer to the   LOGIN CREDENTIALS   found in your Buddi Onboarding ticket. Enter the Email Address (Username) and Password found under Retail Store Log-in. You will stay signed in after logging in once.
    Shown: Buddi Tablet App Sign-in Page (https://retail.buddi.io)

    You will see the tablet app's home screen as soon as you are logged in. This is the main interface that customers will see when using the tablet:

    Click on 'Browse Menu' to see the menu and begin shopping right away! 

    Note: this is the default appearance of the user interface. Please send us your logo and/or branding assets so that we can help you with custom branding this interface. You can also DIY by accessing the Buddi Admin Portal (app.buddi.io) > Custom Branding

  3. (Optional) If your staff is using floater tablets to serve customers on the floor, they can use the Staff Portal to access other areas, such as the Customer Queue or Menu List View.

    1.  Click on 'Staff Member Sign-in' at the bottom-right.
    2. This is the Staff Portal / Staff Area login screen.

    3.  Refer to the   LOGIN CREDENTIALS   found in your Buddi Onboarding ticket for the Password, found under ‘Staff Member Log-in - General Staff’.

    4.  This is the Staff Portal:

    General staff can come in here to manage incoming orders (Customer Queue), but we highly recommend using the Admin Portal (app.buddi.io) for that. They would primarily use the Order Queue.

    You can use the same ‘Staff Member Log-in - General Staff’ login credentials to sign in.

    This will be discussed in more detail during your Buddi training session. You can click on Staff Signout in the top right to log out of this Staff Area. We do not recommend signing in here if your tablets are customer-facing.


Additional Resources:

How to Sign into the Tablet App (a downloadable PDF for step-by-step instructions)

Buddi User Quick Start Guide (a downloadable PDF for step-by-step instructions and hardware recommendations)

Buddi Retail App Guide (a downloadable PDF for instructions on how to view and navigate the menu)