IMPORTANT!  Buddi released a product update in April and June 2023.

Moving forward, refunds cannot be processed in default General Staff accounts.


Article: What happened to the 'Refund Payment' button?


Refunds for all prepaid Buddi orders need to be processed in two places:

  1. Admin Portal > Order Queue  or  Merrco (to return the funds to the payment card); and
  2. Point of Sale terminal (to reconcile the inventory)

Refunds can be processed in the Admin Portal > Order Queue  or  in your Merrco Dashboard. 


  • A transaction can either be batched or pending. This determines whether the refund can be completed in Buddi or not.

  • Refunds can always be processed in your Merrco Dashboard. 

If the transaction has been batched:

  • You can choose to issue the refund in either Buddi  or  Merrco.

How to issue a refund in Buddi

  1. Log into the Admin Portal using an Admin Account > go to the Order Queue
  2. Locate the order > click 'Refund Payment' 
    If it goes through, you will get an authorization number; you can provide this to the customer. 
    Note Once batched, it could take up to 10 days for the funds to appear on the customer's credit card statement. 

If the transaction is pending:

  • The refund can only be processed in Merrco. 


How to issue a refund in Merrco

  1. Log into Merrco Dashboard > go to 'Reports' > submit a Search
  2. Find the order via the Merchant Transaction ID  or  last 4 digits of the payment card

  3. Click to view the details
  4. Complete the payment refund