Issue #1 

The most common issue is having the incorrect Cova Product ID entered in the Buddi Admin Portal > Store Settings > Online Menu: Delivery.

This would interfere with how delivery orders are communicated to Buddi from Cova.

  • Your delivery fee needs to be associated with a Non-Stock SKU in Cova to ensure POS communication with Buddi. 

  • The price for this SKU should be set to the highest amount associated with your delivery fee.

  • Oftentimes the product SKU (ex. U23NFAHV) or UPC is entered in there, which was incorrect. It is usually a much longer string of letters and numbers, such as a267e02a-9a97-414c-93f8-f7c258bb8f7f

    This value is pulled from your Cova Catalog, in the 'slug' of your Delivery Fee product listing URL.

Video: How to retrieve the Cova Product ID from your COVA Catalog

Issue #2
A second common issue is having the wrong delivery fees set in Buddi or Cova. The numbers should match; the price for the SKU should be set to the highest amount you would charge for your delivery fee.

  • Tax Settings in Buddi are configured in the Admin Portal > Store Settings > Tax Settings


Article: Setting up Delivery in Buddi for COVA Users


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