Order was not sent


POTENTIAL CAUSE #1: Incorrect Cova Product ID entered 

  • This is entered in the Admin Portal > go to Store Settings > Online Menu: Delivery
  • Incorrect / missing values interfere with how delivery orders are communicated to Buddi from Cova.

  • Your delivery fee needs to be associated with a Non-Stock SKU in Cova to ensure POS communication with Buddi.

  • The price for this SKU should be set to the highest amount associated with your delivery fee.
  • Oftentimes the product SKU (ex. U23NFAHV) or UPC is entered in there, which was incorrect.  This value is pulled from your Cova Catalog, in the 'slug' of your Delivery Fee product listing URL It is usually a much longer string of letters and numbers, such as a267e02a-9a97-414c-93f8-f7c258bb8f7f

    Video: How to retrieve the Cova Product ID


POTENTIAL CAUSE #2: Wrong delivery fees are set in Buddi or Cova

The numbers should match; the price for the SKU should be set to the highest amount you would charge for your delivery fee.

  • Tax Settings in Buddi are configured in the Admin Portal > Store Settings > Tax Settings


Receipt is Missing Customer Details


CAUSE: It's not supposed to be there.


NOTE: Customer details such as name, address, last 4 digits of CC, contact info, and delivery notes, will NOT be on your printed POS receipt.


Choose from one of the following options:

  1. Print an orders list from the Buddi Order Queue
  2. Print downloadable PDF receipts from the Buddi Order Queue (with a regular printer)
  3. Write down the customer's details onto the printed POS receipt


Cova Users

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