Here is a basic guide to set up basic tracking in Google Analytics. To get started, you will need both a Google Tag Manager account and a Google Analytics account.

Once both accounts are have been created, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Google Tag Manager. Enter an Account Name and a Container Name. Both are required and it doesn't matter what the names are (make it easy and simple).

  2. Once all fields have been entered, you can select 'Web' as the target platform > click 'Create'

  3. Read and agree to the Google Tag Manager 'Terms of Service' agreement. You will be led to the page with the script to install Google Tag Manager.

  4. There will be two scripts to copy and paste into Buddi: <head> and <body>

    Log into the Buddi Admin Portal > go to Store SettingsOnline Menu: Tags. The scripts can be pasted into their respective fields, which will be labelled 'Head' and 'Body'.

  5. Once clicked out of the Google Tag Manager page, you will need to create a blank version to help ensure that the Google tags are integrated properly. This can be done by clicking 'Publish' in the top-right and filling in a Version Name.

  6. Click on 'Preview' and enter your website URL. If a pop-up of your website appears with the Google Debugger widget open, then the connection has been successful.

  7. Next, you will connect your Google Tag Manager account to Google Analytics. Go to your Google Analytics account — you will be led to a page where you can click on 'Web' as the platform.

  8. Click on 'Add a Data Stream' (which is your website). Enter your website URL and a Data Stream Name.

  9. Copy the Measurement ID, as the next step is to paste it into your Google Tag Manager account. This will connect the two platforms. From the Google Tag Manager page, click on 'Tags' > click on 'New' > click on the Tag Configuration box >  find Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration > paste the Measurement ID > Save Tag > enter Name > click 'Submit' > enter a new version to update the integration

  10. Now you should be receiving data in Google Analytics!