If Merrco is your provider, then you have two options to choose from to process online payments.

API Connection
  • Location of Processing: Transactions are processed directly through an API connection between the merchant's platform (e.g. Buddi) and the payment processor (e.g. Merrco).
  • User Interface: Credit card details are entered directly on the checkout screen.
  • Technical Integration: Involves a more direct technical integration between the merchant's system and the payment processor.

Hosted Payments (Merrco Checkout)

  • Location of Processing: Transactions are processed within the interface of the payment processor (Merrco). The user is redirected to Merrco's platform to complete the payment.
  • User InterfaceOnly the 'Billing Postal Code' appears at the checkout screen. After entering the Postal Code, Merrco's hosted pay page will pop up; credit card details are entered here.
  • Technical Integration: Provides a simpler and more user-friendly experience as the payment complexities are handled within Merrco's interface. This method requires less technical integration effort on the merchant's side, making it easier to implement.

Video: Merrco Checkout Demo

Switching Methods in Buddi

Moving from API Connection to Hosted Payments is easy!

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Admin Portal > Store Settings > ‘Online Menu: Payment’
  2. Select 'Merrco Paysafe'
  3. Under Configuration type, select ‘Hosted Checkout’
  4. Enter in the store specific connection details: Account Number, API Key Username and Password, Single Use Token Username and Password.  This PDF guide shows you where to get the details.
  5. Select 3D Secure if your payment processor has it enabled.

  6. Hit 'Save'