*PRODUCT UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT* Buddi now accepts 13 digit UPC codes!

How it works: Buddi's UPC codes (UPCs)

  • The UPC in Buddi needs to match the UPC in your POS catalog (or else the product will not sync).
  • Our team actively works toward adding product content on a daily basis. However, sometimes a product is still very new into the market and hasn't been added to our database yet.
  • To troubleshoot, try to search for the product listing in our database.

Instructions: How to use the Admin Portal as a Troubleshooting Tool

  1. Sign into app.buddi.io as an Admin > go to 'My Menu'
  2. Select 'Product Catalog'
  3. Type in the Product Name (or keywords); or
    Copy + paste the UPC from your POS

  4. Click on the little Barcode icon to see any identifiable UPCs in our database
  5. If available, cross-reference the UPC in Buddi and the product's physical label

Instructions: If a product is missing in Buddi or has inaccurate info

Send these product details to support@buddi.io:

  • Product Name
  • LP / Brand
  • Variant (grams, pieces, etc)
  • UPC, which can be
    • 12 digits
    • 14 digits, if led by two zeroes ('00'+12 digits)
    • 13 digits ***NEW BUDDI FEATURE***

Note: You can choose to take a photo of 
the physical product label OR type out the details.


How it works: Integration Sync Cycles

  • Buddi's integration with your POS works in cycles. This means that product content updates made in your POS will not show in Buddi right away. It would show in the next sync cycle (max 60 minutes).

  • In the Admin Portal > 'My Menu' page, look under 'Last Content Sync' to see when the last sync cycle kicked in.
  • Click on 'Sync New Products' under Force Sync to speed up the process.

  • Email us at support@buddi.io for assistance at any time if you want the sync to be immediate.