Your brand should be front and center!  With Buddi, you can customize the look and feel of the app to match your branding, creating a cohesive retail experience. 

Using the Buddi kiosk should make customers feel like they’re still dealing with the brand they know and trust. That means relying on the same branding and colors you use for other devices or platforms.

To customize your Buddi app with your branding. Go to the Custom Branding module:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal:

  2. Navigate to ‘Custom Branding’ > Kiosk: Custom Branding

Image Requirements

Before proceeding, please ensure that your images are under 1 MB. Ideally, much smaller as it will affect the initial loading time. 

Customizing the Greeting Page (Home Screen)

You can customize the Greeting Page with your logo, as well as the background with either a custom image or with your brand colors.


Your Logo:

  • Logo file size: 150 x 100 pixels. Larger files can be uploaded - the system will simply resize it.

  • PNG files are recommended as these offer transparency.  Image 1 in the examples below does not contain a logo with a transparent background. Image 2 uses a PNG that allows for transparency.

  • To upload a logo go to the Greeting Page Design section under Custom Branding, click the ‘Drop file here or click to select’ button and select the file you wish to upload. Click Open.

  • Your logo will appear in the upper left corner of the Greeting Page.

Background Images or Custom color:

  • Background image size: 1440px x 900 pixels

  • You’ll want to ensure that your chosen background doesn’t obscure your logo. See Image 2 vs. Image 3

  • To add a background image or custom color,, go to 'Background Type' in the 'Greeting Page' section under 'Custom Branding'. There you'll have the option to enter custom color via a Hex code or by using color picker. You can also upload background image or video by clicking the ‘Drop file here or click to select’ button and select the file you wish to upload


Image 1 - Logo upload as JPG which retains a white background.


Image 2 - Logo Uploaded as PNG. The logo is clearly visible on this background image.


Image 3 - Logo isn't clearly visible due to the background image chosen.

Customizing the Application Layout (Menu Screen)

Your Logo: 

  • Your logo can also appear in the main application area.

  • File size 120 x 40 pixels. Again, you can upload a larger logo but the system will conform it to fit these dimensions.

    • Example: if your uploaded logo is 120px by 30px it will keep that aspect ratio, it won’t completely fill the 40px height.

    • Example: if your uploaded logo is 240px by 60px it will keep the aspect ratio and make it fit within the constraints of 120px x 40px. 

    • To upload a logo, scroll down to the Application Layout section, click the ‘Drop file here or click to select’ button and select the file you wish to upload. Click ‘Open’.

    • Click on ‘Save and Publish’ at the bottom of the page, to save all changes. 


  • We have a variety of themes available to you. The theme dictates the color of the buttons and header and the main application or menu. 

  • To apply a theme:

    • Go to the Application Layout section and navigate to the ‘Select a Theme’ drop-down.

    • Click on each theme to preview them.

    • Once you’ve selected your desired theme, click on the ‘Save and Publish’ button.