See attached diagram on How to edit Products with Rotational Strains


It's crucial for your store to update these product listings as soon as possible. Neglecting this can lead to outdated or inaccurate product descriptions on your menu, potentially causing customers to purchase unintended items.

What does a Rotational Strain product look like?


An example is provided below.

'My Menu':

  1. The product name is tagged with *Limited Edition* in Buddi's database
  2. The product name indicates two strain names, separated by a  /



NOTE: Search for *limited edition* in 'My Menu' to see if any of your products apply, as ACTION IS REQUIRED.

Inside the product listing:



  1. Update applicable dropdowns / fields
  2. Delete content that’s not relevant


NOTE: In this example, BC Sour Kush Milled Flower's product details were already pre-filled ✅. Most of the work was just deleting content that's not relevant.



Final result after saving work:




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