Products must have a Barcode (UPC) entered in Greenline to sync into Buddi.

  • These values are usually 12 digits long (or 14 if it starts with '00'). UPCs can also be 11 or 13 digits long (though uncommon).
  • They're typically auto-populated in your POS catalog when added to your purchase order correctly. If that's not the case, we recommend reaching out to Greenline Support to clarify the process of adding products to your POS catalog and purchase orders. This will streamline store operations and make inventory management much easier for your team.
  • Follow the steps below to enter the product UPC into the Barcode field of Greenline.



  1. Sign into your Greenline Dashboard
  2. Go to Product List
  3. Type the Product Name into the Search field
  4. Click on the product
  5. Scroll down to the correct variant > go to 'Barcode'
  6. Paste / type in the Barcode (UPC)*
  7. Hit 'Save'

*Where to find the UPC

Two options:
  1. Refer to the physical product packaging
  2. Go to the Admin Portal > My Menu page > click on Product Catalog*
  3. View + copy the UPC by clicking on the Barcode icon

    *Here you can find the corresponding UPC to products in our database.

Article: Missing Product Listings (other reasons why a product isn't syncing into Buddi)