Content Layering and Priorities

Modified on Wed, 15 May at 11:53 AM

Content Priority:

Content within Buddi follows a layering priority. Cannabis products and accessory products are treated slightly differently. I’ll start by explaining how content for Cannabis products is built:


Layer #1: The POS Content

The first layer is the content that we collect from your point of sale. This means if you’ve entered images, descriptions, cannabinoid values, etc into you’re POS at the very least this is your starting point for product content. If you have no content for products you’re at risk of showing limited bare content to your customers.  

Layer #2: The Buddi Product Database Layer

This is where we layer in Buddi product content. Now, please note we do not have information on every product (there are just too many SKUs for us to do that and no centralized database). If we do have product content this content will augment your point of sale content to help provide more information to your customers.

Layer #3: My Menu Overrides 

Finally, this is where you can edit your content within Buddi. This is especially important for products where Buddi does not have content, you can come in here and edit it yourself which will improve your customer's experience.

For Accessories products, Layer #2 does not exist. There is no Buddi product database for accessories which means all content is to be provided by the retailer either via the POS or manually entering it into Buddi.

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