Users of Cova & Greenline:

Buddi offers auto-sync capabilities for accessory products from Greenline and Cova POS systems. Users of these platforms can enjoy automatic updates and synchronization of their accessory inventory in Buddi.

For first-time accessory syncing, or to update your account with new product classifications/categories, reach out to us at Our team will assist in activating these features and ensuring your accessory inventory is up-to-date in Buddi.

See this article for further details on how Buddi syncs accessories from Cova and Greenline.

Users of Other POS Providers:

If your POS system is not Greenline or Cova, you will need to utilize a .csv (Excel) file to import your accessories into Buddi.

Product Content Management:

Unlike cannabis products, accessories require more detailed information in your POS system. This may include the creation of unique UPC codes for each accessory.

To save time in the long run, ensure your accessories in the POS catalog are complete with as much details as possible before syncing or importing:

  • Price
  • Variants (such as different sizes, colors, quantities per pack, etc.)
  • Inventory Count
  • Descriptions and Photos are optional, but including them is highly recommended for a better customer experience.