Accessory products behave differently from cannabis products; product content will not auto-populate your menu. Retailers need to create the products in the POS catalog first.

  • These details should be included: product name, UPC code, price, product description, and photos. 
  • Each variant, if applicable, requires its own UPC code (ex. if it comes in different sizes, colors, quantity/pack, etc).
  • Note: You may need to make up UPC codes for your products if they don't already exist.

Cova & Greenline POS users: Your integration with Buddi includes automatic accessories syncing. 

  • This means that products entered in your POS catalog will automatically sync/update in Buddi!
    If you are syncing accessories into Buddi for the first time, you must email us to let us know. We need to activate the function on our end.
    • Email OR reply in your Buddi Onboarding ticket
    • Once your request has been received, we will mass import of all your accessories with the push of a button.

Before reaching out, please ensure that your accessories contain these product details:

  • Name, UPC code (aka 'Barcode' in Greenline), price, and product description.
  • Photos are not mandatory but highly recommended (no photos = menu clutter).

More tips are found in this article: Syncing Accessories into Buddi (COVA & Greenline users)

TechPOS, BarnetPOS, & Profitek POS users: After you have finished entering the products with its corresponding details, please export your accessories into an excel file from your POS catalog and send it over to / your Buddi Onboarding ticket for review.

Be sure to include these columns:


Product NameCategoryProduct DescriptionImage URL (Photo)VariantPriceUPC
(not the same as SKU)

From there, we can import the cleaned-up file into the Accessory Products section of your Buddi account.

How to achieve an organized product content system:

  1. Download the template .CSV file from the Admin Portal > Accessory Products > Bulk CSV import > Download the Sample File; OR
  2. Add your accessory items into Buddi manually (Admin Portal > Accessory Products)