Refer to the login credentials provided to you in the welcome email of your Buddi Onboarding ticket.

  • You will use the Staff Member Log-in (General Staff) to access the Buddi Admin Portal (


  • Once signed in, navigate to Order Queue in the left sidebar.
  • Keep this screen open at all times to manage incoming orders + turn up the volume to hear a sound play every time an order comes in.
  • Clicking on an order brings up additional details:
    • When the order was PLACED
    • When the customer is SCHEDULED to pick up his/her order
    • CUSTOMER INFO such as email/phone number (where he/she will receive order notifications)
    • ORDER SUMMARY of items that were purchased (including Product Name, LP/Brand, Variant, Qty, and Price)
    • Breakdown of cost TOTALS (subtotal and all applicable taxes)

      Paid orders contain additional details not mentioned above:
    • Green PAID status
    • Last 4 digits of PAYMENT card
    • PROCESSOR ID of the transaction

    • Delivery orders will contain the customer's address and an area for notes (submitted upon checkout).
  • Within the order listing, a staff member will use the top-right dropdown to select the appropriate STATUS as the order progresses. Ex. Selecting the Ready status sends an email/SMS notification to the customer, indicating that the order is ready for pickup.
    • Incomplete Orders: These are the incoming orders that have yet to be fulfilled.
    • Complete Orders: These are the orders that have been completed by a staff member.
    • Cancelled Orders: Orders that were not processed or cancelled by a staff member appear here. If you have an order coming through and it is never collected you can cancel it (according to your store's policy).


NOTE: the Order Status AND Payment Status do not change on their own in the Order Queue.

Order Status from Incomplete > Ready for Pickup > Complete requires the use of the dropdown within the order listing; and the Payment Status never changes; Unpaid stays unpaid, and Paid stays paid. For instance, even after a customer pays for an order at the POS, the status will not change to Paid in the Buddi Order Queue. This means that when the order first came in, it was unpaid to begin with.


All of your Buddi orders will show up in your POS, but we highly recommend that you manage incoming orders in here as well.

Your staff will be spending most of their time in the 'Order Queue' to track incoming orders. General staff members have access to this area of Buddi with the General Staff Login (please refer to your Buddi Onboarding ticket for the login credentials).
Your store should have a dedicated computer device/screen just for the 'Order Queue', with the volume turned up. You will hear a sound notification every time an order comes in.

General process of handling a Buddi order

  1. An order comes in (Status will say INCOMPLETE).
  2. Staff clicks on the order to bring up the order details.
  3. Staff gathers the product and sets it aside for the customer in a designated area of the fulfillment room (keep unpaid and paid orders separate).

    UNPAID order: staff places a small notepaper on top of the order with the customer's name
    PAID order: staff goes to the POS to pull up the order, print out the official receipt under sales/order history, writes the customer's name on it, and places it on top of the order.
  4. Staff goes into the 'Order Queue' and uses the drop-down to select READY FOR PICKUP. This notifies the customer (via text or email) that the order is ready for pickup now (even if it is before their scheduled pickup time).
  5. Customer comes into the store to pickup their order. Staff checks his/her ID (if applicable based on discretion of age). Payment is taken if the order is unpaid.
  6. Customer receives their receipt and products.
  7. Staff goes into the 'Order Queue' and uses the drop-down to select COMPLETED. This finishes the transaction in Buddi.