How do I sign up for 3D Secure?

To sign up for 3D Secure youll first need to contact your payment provider and let them know you would like to activate 3D Secure. Your payment processor will explain the fee associated with setting it up.

On the Buddi side once youve provided confirmation letting us know it is set up well activate it on our side (no charge).


What does 3D Secure look like to customers?

Most customers, wont notice a difference. They will see the standard credit card form for including CC Number, Expiry, and CVV. For others deemed a higher risk they will be provided a challenge from the bank. Normally this challenge is a pin code sent to their phone number on file at the bank that they will need to enter before finishing their checkout.


Are there costs associated with implementing 3D Security?

Buddi provides this security for FREE. However, there will be a fee on the payment processor side of things.


How is it decided which cards receive a challenge and which ones dont?

That is decided at the bank level, we at Buddi have no control over this.


Can 3D Secure eliminate all of my chargebacks?

No. "Not authorized" reason codes are the only chargebacks 3D Secure can provide protection from. Customers can still file disputes related to customer service issues or merchant errors.

The issuing bank must be 3D Secure enabled to verify transactions. If the cardholders issuing bank is not 3D Secure enabled, the transactions will return a "non-verified" response. Merchants aren't protected from liability in these cases.

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