Customers are now automatically added to the order. We are aware of potential duplicate customer orders. We are working together with Greenline to create an option to merge the customers. Thank you for your patience!

Customers can earn points with every purchase.

Greenline POS users: In order for customers to receive points, a customer needs to be associated with the order. If the customer does not already exist in Greenline, it will need to be created. 

To associate customers with sales, retailers will need to manually go to the sales list and add the customer to the sale in Greenline. 



The same process applied to unpaid orders for receiving points.

A payment has to be applied first to the unpaid order, so that the transaction will appear in the sales list in Greenline and then a customer can be added to that transaction. With unpaid orders, they don't actually get points until a payment is applied in Greenline - Because you can't add a customer to an unpaid order. Once the customer is attached to the sale after it's been paid for (same process for orders paid online in the Buddi checkout) , then they can receive points for that purchase. (It can take up to 24 hrs for the points to appear in the account). 

Add Points To Personas

Retailers can add points to personas. I.e. provide some points for signing up. Points can be added or subtracted to each person by logging into the AlpineIQ dashboard and select the personas page and click on view.