Submitting Partial Refunds

This can be completed in Buddi or your payment processor dashboard.

If you are trying to process a partial refund from the Order Queue and are getting the error message, "Last Refund Error: The settlement has not been batched for partial refund yet," you would have two options:

  1. Wait for the transaction to settle before re-attempting the partial refund; or
  2. Log into your payment processor account to void/refund the charge.

If you're a business owner accepting card payments, batches and settlements are crucial aspects of your daily operations. Settlements ensure the money you earned gets into your business bank account, even though card transactions are approved in real-time.



  • A batch is a group of processed but unsettled transactions.
  • Transactions in an open batch can be voided or reversed.
  • Voiding is quicker and less costly than refunding.


  • Closing a batch triggers settlement, transferring funds to your account.
  • Settlement is often automated daily, but some prefer manual settlements.

Batch Management:

  • Leaving batches open for too long may prompt automatic closure by processors.
  • Some processors let unsettled transactions expire.
  • Ensure timely resolution to avoid missing out on earned income.

Article (external): Batches and Settlements


Payment Processor Contact Info

To inquire about specific transaction details, please reach out to your provider.

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