Here is a video that walks through the process of how to display exact THC & CBD values in Buddi (for Greenline users).

Activating this feature in Buddi: Exact THC & CBD values


This function needs to be activated in the back-end of Buddi. To proceed, choose which primary measurements you are using in Greenline for these categories.
  • Flower: % or mg/g
  • Pre-Roll: % or mg/g
  • Vape: % or mg/g
  • Concentrate: % or mg/g
After the details are complete and verified in Greenline, email to let us know which primary measurements are.

Guidelines / Best Practices:

  • Where: To streamline your store operations, you only need to enter exact THC & CBD values in one system. Once the feature has been activated, we recommend entering these exact values directly into Greenline. This will automatically sync the data into Buddi and ensure consistency.

  • Units: For the product categories of Flower, Pre-Roll, Vape, and Concentrate, always keep your units in Greenline consistent; either % or mg/g.
    • !  Products not using these primary measurements may show incorrectly on your menu.
      • Ex. a product shows 230% because mg/g is entered in Greenline instead of %
    • Notify us if you'd like to change your primary measurements at any point so that we can update it in our system.
  • Min/Max Fields: Even if the box for Min/Max is not checked in Greenline, make sure these fields are cleared when entering exact values.
  • Edibles/Beverages: To avoid clutter in the menu, please refrain from using Min/Max fields for the Edible and Beverage categories.
  • Sync Cycles: Updates made in Greenline will appear in Buddi after the next sync cycle.
    • Use the 'force sync' feature on the My Menu page of Buddi to speed up the sync.
  • Menu Audits: Review your Buddi menu after receiving new inventory to ensure that your THC & CBD values are syncing properly into Buddi. A quick way to identify affected products is to sort the menu with 'THC: High to Low' and THC: Low to High' in the filters sidebar.